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Interview with upcoming spanish talent Mareels

Mareels is a spanish DJ & Producer that has quickly climbed the ranks of national and international music, with only a 1 year old trajectory, he has already been supported by big-name artists such as Wade, Cloonee, Michael Bibi, Acraze, Dennis Cruz, Sosa, Lee Foss, Hugel, Solardo, Eli Brown, Pawsa and many others.

The sound of his music has reverberated on the largest international music festivals and platforms of the likes of ElRow, , Hi- Ibiza, Amnesia, Ushuaia, Space Miami, DC10, Hard Summer, Music On, Studio 338, Brooklyn Mirage , etc.

In this interview we covered his new track "Pa Divertirme", music production and future releases

Hey Mareels, can you give us a brief introduction of yourself?

My name's Marc and I am currently 22 years old. I'm a spanish DJ and music producer from Valencia.

How did you get into music production? And who inspired you?

Three years ago, I started my training in the world of production at an academy in Valencia called Millenia. Until then, I had never opened any DAW, but thanks to my piano studies, they probably helped me to go a little faster.

I started producing EDM, but I was lucky to meet a great tech house lover in class. Thanks to his influences on a daily basis, and also coinciding with Wade's boom, I became very interested in tech house.

Your new track “Pa Divertirme” has just been released, how did it come about?

The same friend who recommended Tití Me Preguntó also did so when the Bizarrap session with Residente came out. There is a big difference between these two productions, as it was clear to me that "Pa Divertirme" was going to be focused on a "Original Mix".

At first it didn't convince me, but after testing a couple of possibilities, it has turned out to be a track that works.

What advice would you give to upcoming producers who are just starting out?

Probably when you start, no one or few people will believe in you. Trust yourself and work. Nobody starts making good music without hours in the studio behind them. It's also very important to know that not all artists will like your productions, get a circle of trust to send your songs to and ask for feedback. It's something that every producer needs.

Can you walk us through your workflow in the studio? How do you start a new song and how long does it take to finish it?

I usually have an idea in my head before I start production. First I create the groove and when I have something consistent, I test it with the main hook.

It depends on how complex the idea is. There are tracks that have worked really well for me and I've done them in two afternoons and others that I've needed a lot of time to put together a solid question and answer. That's something that recognizes my productions.

What is your favorite music production gear (vst or analog)?

I really like to play with different frequency ranges of the same sound.

I love the Littlealterboy from Soundtoys.

Who are your dream collabs now?

Probably the one that fits my style the most would be Cloonee, but I would also be very excited about working with Wade and Michael Bibi.

How is the end of the year looking for you, upcoming shows and new releases?

I'm nervous about the end of the year, there's a release coming from a very top label, I'm really looking forward to it. I'll be announcing it on my social networks soon, so stay tuned.

I also have concerts with great artists that I've admired for a long time, it's going to be a fun end of the year.

On the other hand, this 2023 is going to be very special, I have a lot of music already signed, with great collaborations with artists that I respect a lot.

Finally, I would like to thank the Phantom Sounds team for thinking of me. See you on the dance floor.

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