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Free Plugin For Automatic Tech House Basslines

The first plugins that usually come to mind when thinking of creating a tech house bassline are Xfer Records Serum, Lennar Digital Sylenth1 or any plugin from the Rob Papen collection. However, owning these plugins can be an important investment that not everybody can make. That's why we decided to show you a 100% Free way to create automatic tech house basslines in Ableton Live.

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The Plugin


The Plugin

The software that we are going to use for these techniques is called STING by IFTAH. "sting 2022" allows you to generate anything from atonal to acid lines and fluidly morph between them. you can also transpose the root note via midi, offset the sequence and do other neat things.

Click on the smily face to generate a new sequence, use the “Density” dial to morph between 16 variations of the sequence, use the “Type” dial to morph between 16 tonal and a-tonal versions of the sequence, use the “Root” parameter to define the root of the scale or toggle “Midi” to define the root with incoming midi notes.

But we are not going to use Sting to make an acid bassline, instead we are using some tech house kicks to make a groovy and deep tech house bassline. Here's the Youtube video where we go through the whole process


We hope that with this tutorial you've learned a creative and cheap technique to create tech house basslines.

If you are looking for some high quality tech house sample like the ones used in the video check out our collection.