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Interview with Tech House artist FLETCH

FLETCH is a UK dj and producer who has
 managed to firmly place himself on the radar of many esteemed artists around the World. Most notably garnering recognition from the crews behind Cuttin’ Headz and Kaluki Musik. His tunes has been supported by artists likes of The Martinez Brothers, Joey Daniel, Jean Pierre, Jesse
 Calosso, AJ Christou, Mason Collective and Rich NXT.

We had a quick chat with him to discuss his new EP "Reality Thing" on Revival New York, music production and future plans


Hey Fletch, can you give us a brief introduction of yourself?

I’m DJ and music producer currently living in Manchester but originally from London, UK.

How did you get into music production? And who inspired you?

I’ve been DJing since before I was a teen so it’s was only a natural progression for me to start making my own music to play! I started making music around 9 years ago or so, but I would say the last 4/5 years are where its been more serious to the point where I’m doing this full time now. I’ve been surrounded by music my entire life in my family and played guitar since I was a kid so I have a very wide range of influences in general but my ‘style’ has been heavily influenced by all the Cuttin’ Headz crew, Masters at Work, the Apollonia guys and Inland Knights to name just a few.

Your new ep “Reality Thing” has just been released, how did it come about?

So the A-Side ‘Reality Thing’ came about after I took inspiration from some older breakbeat records and it really stemmed from there which is why it has that feel to it. It’s made for those moments when you want to break a DJ set up and take it in a different direction. The B-Side is the result of a late night studio jam, it took a while to piece the parts together but the end result turned out cool!

New York has had maybe the biggest influence on my music taste over the years, so it was only right to put some music out with the Revival NYC crew!


What advice would you give to upcoming producers who are just starting out?

I mean I could go on for hours on this one, there’s so much I wish I knew back when I started out, but the main thing I would say is if it sounds good it sounds good, trust yourself! Also don’t be fooled into thinking you have to make a track quickly, good art takes time and a lot of work.

Can you walk us through your workflow in the studio? How do you start a new song and how long does it take to finish it?

It really depends, sometimes I will just jam out and see what happens, other times I will have an idea or sample in mind I want to work with already. Some tracks come together in a matter of days, fully mixed and ready to test in the clubs, others will spend months being tweaked only to never see the light of day! My rule now is, if I’m spending more than a few weeks on a track then I should probably move on.

What is your favorite music production gear (vst or analog)?

I’m really digging battery by NI at the moment but my most used is probably the SPL transient designer, love that thing!

Who are your dream collabs now?

Well some of my dream collabs are actually happening currently so this is a weird one for me, but I would have to say all time dream would be either The Martinez bros or Louie Vega.

How is the rest of the summer looking for you, upcoming shows and new releases?

I have a couple gigs this weekend in the south of the UK which I’m looking forward to and a few more festivals in the next few weeks! I might also be making an appearance end of summer in ibiza too.. Music wise I have some really dope projects lined up but I don’t like to put out too much, quality over quantity as they say! Follow me on Soundcloud or Instagram to stay up to date.

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