Interview with LA underground artist BINGEWATCH – Phantom Sounds

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Interview with LA underground artist BINGEWATCH

BINGEWATCH is a dj and producer from LA with releases on “Hau5trap”, “Sink or Swim”, “Mixmash” and is supported by artists like Deadmau5, Martin Garrix, Laidback Luke, CID, Dr. Fresch, SNBRN, Lane 8 and more.

In this interview we covered his new track "Crunk" with Wenzday, music production and future releases.


Hey Art, can you give us a brief introduction of yourself?

My name is Art AKA Bingewatch. I am an underground house DJ from Los Angeles with a goal to bring undiscovered, boundary pushing, and groundbreaking music to the scene. 

How did you get into music production? And who inspired you?

I was originally inspired by watching DJ shadow “In Tune And On Time”, a live set from London. I started out making techno and house music and just kept on going. My love for music has never stopped. 

Your new track “Crunk" has just been released, how did it come about?

This is my second collaboration with Wenzday, our first one, “SHAKE”, came out on Hau5trap not too long ago. Honestly, it came about from just hanging out in the same scene together and playing B2B a couple times. Wenzday is a good friend, we decided to make a club banger and then “Crunk” was born out of that.


Before "Crunk" you had some very successful releases on labels like "Hau5trap", "Sink or Swim" and "Mixmash Seep". What advice would you give to someone who is looking to approach these labels?

If I could say anything, I would say to keep writing music and really be a part of the scene. Get to know people and don’t just be another unread email in the inbox. Go out. Support dope people. Networking is key.

In the US as well as in Europe tech house is becoming more and more popular. What advice would you give to the young producers who are just starting out with this genre?

Learning the history of the genre can really teach you a lot. Check out samples used in the past and now and tune in to the people who have been monumental in the scene. Push boundaries and be unique while keeping it classy.

Can you walk us through your workflow in the studio? How do you start a new song and how long does it take to finish it?

The process always changes. Could start with a sample I hear on the radio, an idea I start on my iPhone on the plane or messing around with sounds in the studio while playing with hardware. No wrong or right way to do it. Just playing with ideas. As far as finishing tracks, it really depends on the track. Some take longer than others due to their complexity while others could be short and simple. 

What is your favorite music production gear?

Right now, it is my Vermona drum machine. It makes some killer drum beats. 

Who are your dream collabs today?

Fatboy Slim, Disclosure, and Skepta.

How is the rest of the summer looking for you, upcoming shows and new releases?

Well, I am planning to release Vol. 2 of BINGETAPE next month! I’ve got 5 top tier flips that are really fun and a blast in the club. I’ve been playing these out quite a bit and now it's time to release them into the wild! They feature samples from old school and modern classics that take the people on an unforgettable journey.

As far as shows go, we have Day Trip coming up August 7th and San Diego August 11th. Also, a new residency in Hollywood is starting in September with a Fall Tour announcement coming soon!


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