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5 Ways To Market Your Music

With more and more people trying to break out in the music industry every day is becoming more difficult to stand out. However, there are certain tools that, if used rightly, can help you to get the most out of your music. Here’s a list of the top 5

1. Connect with Playlist’s Curators

Playlists are today’s record stores. Since a huge amount of people listens to music on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music getting on playlists is vital for the success of your music.

One of the best strategies is getting in touch with playlist curators or using some specific tools to submit your music.

In a lot of cases, you can see who is the owner of a playlist and you can try to find a way to connect via social media or email

For Spotify, for example, you can also submit your track to be included in their editorial playlists. Before the release date, you can log in to Spotify for Artists, and by clicking on “Submit a song” you can get a chance to be featured in one of their playlists.

Having one of your songs in these playlists can also help you to get in the user-specific playlists like “Discover Weekly” or “Daily Mix”. These kinds of playlists are designed to meet the taste of a listener thanks to complex AI algorithms that analyze and identify the users’ most common clusters of music.

In this way, you will not only gain plays but you’ll be also able to acquire new loyal fans who will follow you throughout your music career.

2. Create Content on Social Media

Social media is still one of the main driver of traffic to your music.

The best platform that you can use today is TikTok which has more than 1 billion monthly active users all over the world. This social media is totally focused on music and most of the songs that you can find in the charts are there because they come from a TikTok trend.

Other platforms like Youtube and Instagram are still widely used by artists to promote their tracks but it will be more difficult to reach the same amount of people as TikTok.

However, the most important thing to consider is creating the right content for each platform. Even if it requires some extra work you should always create content based on the social media you’re on. Don’t just recycle the same pic/video but be creative and explore the trends of each platform, only in this way you’ll be able to gain exposure and grow.

3. Collaborate with Other Artists

Another way to promote your music is by working with other artists like producers, singers, and instrumentalists.

In fact, if you can have someone else work on a track together, they will share the final works with their audience which will also drive people to your profiles.

Moreover, a collaboration will help you build a rapport with other artists which can eventually end up in making friends with people who share the same passion and ideas as you.

4. Live Shows

By playing live shows you have the opportunity to showcase your music and your talent in an incredible environment.


Most of the time the guys and girls that go to nightclubs and parties are the ones who will listen to your music also when working out or going to work, so having the chance to meet them in person at an event is one of the greatest ways to build a rapport with them.

Because of that, you should also take advantage of all the opportunities that come like warm-up sets or playing in a secondary stage. Even if you’re not the main guest it doesn’t mean that people won’t pay attention to what you do. A lot of today’s superstar DJs started like that!

5. Pay for a PR Campaign

If you or your label have a music marketing budget the best way to invest it is in a PR company.

Thanks to their network and connection, PR companies can reach a lot of important and influential artists/radio/blogs and, if you have the right track, this can make a huge difference.

However, you have to pick the right one. Before giving your money to a company you must discuss some kind of planning or strategy and find a way to track the results. Just sending out a newsletter is not enough!

Final Thoughts

Now you might think that these techniques will take a lot of time away from your primary activity: making music. However, you have to consider that the image of an artist has radically changed in the past years, and being able to market well your productions is as important as the production itself.

So just get started and find out which way works the best for you and double down on that!