Top 5 Free Plugins For Music Producers

One of the best aspects about being a producer in 2022 is the availability of free plugins. However knowing which freeware plugins are useful is difficult, though, as more appear on the market every day. Here are 5 free plugins you need to know!

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5 - FreqEcho by Valhalla DSP

4 - OTT by Xfer

3 - Vocal Doubler by izotope

2 - Spitfire Audio LABS

1 - PanCake 2

Valhalla Freq Echo is a frequency shifter/analog echo unit. Bode-Style Frequency Shifter + Analog Echo Emulation create surprising sonic effects. It is perfect for dub, Dr. Who, and all of your psychedelic needs. Subtle chorusing and double tracking to barberpole phasing and flanging to endless glissandos and runaway echos.

Xfer Records (the people behind Serum) created OTT as a way for non-Ableton users to experience the OTT sound. OTT is a multiband compressor that can apply both upwards and downwards compression and it's used by many dubstep and electro producers.

Vocal Doubler helps you to make your recordings sound wider and more full. The best thing is that you don't need to be a professional to use this plugin. Everything is controlled by just a few parameters that you can play around with.

LABS is a new project by Spitfire Audio, described as “an infinite series of software instruments, free and easy to use”. In practice, LABS is a virtual rompler instrument which loads free sample libraries released by Spitfire Audio for this particular platform.

PanCake 2 lets you construct your own modulation curves, which can be drawn using soft or hard control points. These will, in turn, produce gentle transitions or sharp bends, dynamic panning is a fantastic way to add life to your mix.

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